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The page offers a list of all clients with bunch of valuable information about every client in the list. It also gives admin the ability to perform couple of useful actions to manage the existing client accounts. Client accounts can either be created manually using "Add a Client" from the navigation, or a client account can also be added automatically when a client subscribers/registers for a package using MumaraSMS.

Following area discusses the columns of View all Clients table. 

Navigate to View all Clients

Admin Main Navigation->Clients->View all Clients


Image#MS-2.1-View Clients




Table#MS 2.1- Columns Discussed 


Serial number is the set pattern that every table across the application follows. It shows the serial number of records in the table.

First Name

When the client account was created, First Name appeared as optional field to fill the information in. If the client account was created without filling this optional field of First Name, row of the First Name column will remain empty for such client. Only the client account that was setup by filling the First Name information will be having information in this column.

Last Name

Last Name of the client is another optional field that appears while setting up a new client account, if the client account was setup filling out the optional Last Name field, relevant information of Client’s Last Name will appear in the row. Otherwise rows will remain empty for the client accounts that were being created without filling out the optional field.

Email Address Email address falls into the mandatory category of fields when setting up client account. Each row of the column represents an email address of the client, and if the client’s email is confirmed then it will be labeled as (Verified), and if the client email is still pending for confirmation, it will be labeled as (Unverified). Client will use this email to log into the account; therefore the email has to be verified before the admin activates the account.
Mobile Number Apart from the email address, a valid mobile number is required from the client side to successfully setup an account. Mobile numbers of the client accounts appear under this column.
Package Type

Showing the package type among one of the following

  1. Top-Up Plan 
  2. Credit Plan 

Listing the packages the client accounts have subscribed respectively.


Client account can have one of the following statuses 

  • Active-For the account with fully operational access to their accounts for sending.
  • Inactive-Client accounts that have limited access to their accounts without ability to use the accounts for sending SMS. 
  • Unverified-For the accounts that don’t have the verified credentials such as email address or mobile number. 
  • Closed/Suspended-Clients with this status will no longer be able to access their accounts.


Swift Actions

Admin has the ability to perform more than a few actions to manage the client accounts, following is the list of actions that can be performed.


Edit Client

Clicking will lead you to Edit Client Details page, where you will be able to edit and update earlier provided details of the client. This includes mandatory as well as the optional details.


Delete Client

Click to delete the client account from the list, this will soft delete the client account and will move it to trash. Deleted item will remain in trash until the empty trash cron runs to permanently delete it.


Login as Client

By clicking this, admin can login to the specific client’s account with complete access to the functions and features. When in client’s account, admin doesn’t have to logout from the client account to login again from the admin panel. Click “Back to Admin” to swiftly return to the admin panel. Here is where "Back to Admin" is located.


Image#MS-2.2-Back to Admin Dashboard


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