MS-2.3: Client Groups


Client groups are intended to give admin the ability to setup custom permission and access levels for the clients. These are also known as Access Level Control groups. Some of the groups are pre-created and has been made part of the default application structure. Pre-created groups can’t be deleted; however you can modify the names and can update the access levels. Let’s first discuss these pre-created groups and try to understand their role.


Pre-created groups


These default groups are linked with client statuses other than those that are marked as Active. There are clients that would have been marked as Inactive or Unverified. The default groups offer access control for the clients with these statuses. 

Inactive Group

The clients with inactive status are the part of this group. As soon as a client is marked as “Inactive” it is automatically pushed to the inactive group. So, all of the clients with inactive status will be having access to the accounts as defined in the Inactive Group.

Unverified Group

Unverified are the clients that haven’t verified or remained unable to verify the email address/ mobile number they have provided while registration.  These clients will automatically be made part of unverified group and will only be able to land on Verify your Account page.


Navigate to Create Client Group

Main Navigation->Clients->Create Client Group

Group Details


Group Name (Text Field)

The value in this field would offer a distinct identity to every group you create. Provide a name of the group and the best practice is that name it according to the contacts that later fall into the category of this group. Like the default groups of Inactive and Unverified denote to the status of the contacts in it.

Access Control List (Checkbox Options)

On the right side of your screen, you will see list of all client side features arranged is a sequence of navigational elements. Tick any of the checkboxes to allow particular features to a group and for not to allow list of certain features, keep the checkboxes unchecked.

The groups that you create eventually affect the access level of the clients as groups are made part of the packages and every client account requires selecting a package.  


Saving Client Groups

Choose one of the preferred options to proceed.

Save & Exit

Clicking on this option will save the details/preferences, and get you out of the process you were at. Following message will appear on your screen upon saving the contact details successfully.

Record has successfully been saved.

Save & Add Another

This option will save the current details/preference, and will automatically reopen the same page/process with fresh fields/preferences to continue the process with new entry.


Get out of the process without saving details/preferences.


Image#MS-2.3.1: The Access Control List & Client Groups 



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