MS-2.4: View Client Groups



The table lists all available client groups including the pre-created default groups as well as the ones that the admin has created later with custom access levels. Default, Inactive and Unverified are the pre-created groups. You can edit/update the pre-created groups but can’t delete them. However with the groups other than the pre-created ones, admin can perform both the actions to edit and delete any of them. More on Pre-created groups is discussed under "Client Groups". 


Navigate to View Client Groups

Main Navigation -> Clients -> View Client Groups


Following area discusses the three simple column of View Client Groups table.

Table#MS-2.4.1-Columns of View Client Groups Table 


Serial number of clients groups in the table.

Group Name

Group name was only mandatory field that you filled while creating client group, every group has a name. Default, Inactive and Unverified are pre-created groups.


Swift Actions 


Click to edit an existing group. You can edit pre-created groups as well; can update the name as well as the access levels defined as default. However for the Unverified group, you can’t update the access levels as the clients in unverified groups are only exposed to Verify Account page.


Click to delete any group, but as mentioned earlier, pre-created groups have linked branches in the whole application and therefore can’t be deleted.


Image#MS-2.4.1-View Available Client Groups 



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