MS-3.5: Custom Variables


Other than the default data fields offered by the application to store the contact details, clients can create custom fields to store additional contact details. MumaraSMS application facilitates the clients to create multiple types of fields, from simple text to radio buttons client can select the type of field according to his convenience. The admin side of the application shows a list of custom fields created by the clients using their accounts.


Navigate to View Custom Fields

Admin Main Navigation->Data->Custom Variables


Table#MS-3.5.1: All Custom Variables Created by Clients 


Following the set pattern of the application, first column shows the serial number of records in the table. 


Name appears as mandatory field at the top of create custom field form. This is the name that client has given to the custom field while creating, i.e. Date of Birth, Gender etc.


It shows the sequence in which the field appears on “Add Contact” page. Add contact page helps client account holder to select a list and save subscriber/contact details one by one manually.


As earlier mentioned, there are multiple types of custom fields that client can create to store additional contact details, i.e. Radio Option to store Gender details, Date Field to store contact’s date of birth, subscription date or any other date. Under this column system shows the type of the custom field created from the client account to store additional contact details. It can be one of the following.

  • Text Field
  • Multiline Text Field
  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdown
  • Radio Buttons
  • Date Field

No of List

It shows number of lists with which specific custom field is attached to store additional contact details.

Created On

Custom field was created on the specific date that is appearing here.


Available Filters

Filter by Client Name

This filter offers ability to view custom fields created by some specific client only. To apply this filter on, all you need to do is to select the client name from the dropdown. The dropdown holds all available clients and from here you can select any to populate custom fields associated with his/her account.


Image#MS-3.5.1: All Custom Variables 




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