MS-3.6: Suppression List


The page shows the contacts that clients have suppressed using their accounts and have added these contacts to suppression or don’t send to list. Suppressed contacts are omitted while sending of the future campaigns. The admin side of View Suppressed List would let the admin to see the contacts that have been suppressed by the clients.

Navigate to View Suppressed List

Admin Main Navigation->Data ->Suppression List


Table#MS-3.6.1-List of all Suppressed Contacts


Serial Number of suppressed contacts in the table.

Client Name

Name of the client who suppressed particular number using his/her account.

Mobile Number

Mobile number that was being suppressed by the client.  


This categorizes the contacts suppressed under specific label


Each row of the column shows the type of suppression list the contact was added to, it would either be suppressed Globally or suppressed within Specific List only. If the contact is suppressed for specific list, you will see the list name, otherwise you will see Globally as suppression List type.

Created Date

The rows under this column are showing the accurate date and time when the contacts in the table were being suppressed.


Available Filters

Filter by Client Name

This filter offers ability to view contacts suppressed by some specific client by selecting the client name from the dropdown. The dropdown on the top left of the view suppressed columns table holds names of all available clients to select any.


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