MS-3.7: Sender IDs


It offers more than just viewing the Sender IDs that the clients have applied. Admin will not only view, but also will manage and activate the Sender-IDs that clients have applied. To make any Sender-ID work, it requires getting it approved from the Sending Gateway, and if the admin has configured the application with more than one Sending Gateways and have managed gateway redundancy through priority zones, it would require getting the Sender-ID approved from all gateways using which the system can send. So when a client applies a sender id and admin views it here, admin requires submitting a manual request to all gateways he has configured the system with. Following area discusses the columns of the table that opens on clicking “Applied Sender IDs”.


Navigate to Applied Sender IDs

Admin Navigation->Data->Sender IDs


Table#MS-3.7.1-Applied Sender IDs by the Clients 


Serial number is the set pattern that every table across the application follows. It shows the serial number of records in the table.

Client Name

Name of the client who has applied the Sender ID using his account.

Sender ID

Sender-ID that was being applied by the client to send the SMS from.


The status of the Sender ID can be Active or Inactive. Admin decides the status of the Sender-ID from Edit Sender ID page. Edit Sender ID page is discussed in the area below.

There is a download button with every Sender ID in the table, clicking on it will download the document that client attached while applying the sender ID.  This document more often is on the letterhead of the company to show that sender id belongs to specific company or client who is applying it.


Admin will forward this document while sending Sender ID request to available gateways.
Approval Status

If the status of the Sender ID is “Active” its approval status will be “Approved” and client will be able to use such Sender IDs with approved status. However, till the status remains “Inactive” its approval status will appear as “Pending” and client will not be able to use Inactive/Pending sender IDs.


Swift Actions 

Edit Sender ID

Edit here in this case of Sender ID helps performing few important administrative actions in regard to the applied sender ID. Admin sets the Status of some sender ID from Edit Sending ID page that opens after clicking “Edit” under “Actions”. Activating some Sender ID from Edit Sender ID page will turn its approval status as “Approved” and client will be able to use the sender IDs approved by the admin. Moreover, different gateways function differently like Clickatell issues a unique API ID against every Sender ID that it approves, and it would require submitting this API ID while submitting Send Message request from the specific sender id. So if Clickatell is one of the gateways that admin is using then admin will input the ID provided by Clickatell in the field of “Clickatell API ID” before making the Sender ID’s status as Active. 


Available Filters

Filter by Client Name

This filter offers ability to view Sender IDs specific client has applied. To apply this filter all you need to do is to select the client name from the dropdown. The dropdown holds all available clients and from here you can select any to populate Sender IDs associated with his/her account.


Image#MS-3.7.1: Applied Sender IDs





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