MS-3.8: Message Responses


Sending gateway returns response of every message that system attempts to send to the contacts in the list, these responses offer valuable information with regard to the status of the message. Responses vary from gateway to gateway and the table lists all possible responses from all the gateways system is integrated with.  Based on these responses, admin can set the status of message as Sent or Failed and in case of failure; admin can further categorize the message as soft and hard bounced. Edit message response is discussed later in this article in detail; let’s first discuss what information columns of “Message Responses” table offers.


Navigate to Message Responses

Admin Main Navigation->Data->Message Responses


 Table#MS-3.8.1: Message Responses 


Following the set pattern of view tables across the application, the first column shows serial number of records in the table.

 Responses All possible message responses are listed under this column. Every time system attempts sending message, sending gateway returns one of the following responses containing valuable information in regard to the message status.
Error Reason When some error occurs during sending of the message, gateway returns an appropriate reason of the failure. The column shows the reason of the error that may occur while sending. However, for the success responses, the row for error reason would say No-Error or remain empty.
Actions It suggests the action that needs to be performed when sending gateway returns specific error response, in order to fix the error.
Description Some more details about the error response
Gateway  As mentioned earlier in the beginning of this article, responses vary from gateway to gateway, and as this table lists all possible responses of all the gateways system is integrated with, the rows of this column will help you differentiate which response is related to which sending gateway.
Status It shows whether the message with this response will be considered as “Sent” or “Failed”. The admin has the ability to manage the status by clicking “Edit” under actions.
Bounced If the message with specific response is consider as failed, system will further categorize the failure responses as hard and soft bounces. Admin can manage whether message with certain response to consider as Hard or Soft bounce by clicking “Edit” response under “Actions”.


 Image#MS-3.8.1: Message Responses



Swift Actions 

Edit/Update Message Response

Edit Message Response page opens by clicking the “Edit” under “Actions” column towards the extreme right of Message Responses table. This page allows perform valuable administrative actions for better message response processing. Some part of this is showing the original response by the gateway and other information related to this response like Error Reason, Action and Description, this part of the page can’t be edited. However you can edit couple of things to process message responses according to your preference. Here are the things that you can edit.


When you click the Status dropdown, you will see the following options to select an appropriate one.

  • Sent- Select when the message with the specific response is to be considered and processed as Sent.
  • Failed- When the preferred flag for the message with certain response is the failed, take this option. You can further categorize the “Failed” status as one of the two types of bounces discussed below.


Based on the message response status as Failed, you can further set the contacts flag as Soft Bounced or Hard Bounced based on specific failure response. 

  • Soft- In some of the cases gateway may give an uncertain response about the message status, or some momentary error occurs, soft bounce can be set with such responses as soft are considered momentary failures. For the future campaigns, system doesn’t exclude contact flagged as Soft Bounced and attempts sending to such contacts.
  • Hard- Some responses can be categorized as permanent error with obvious delivery failure. Hard would be the right type of bounce to be set for the contacts with such responses. I.e. if the response reveals that the number string isn’t correct and the reason of failure is incorrect number format, numbers with such permanent failures will be categorized as hard bounced. Contacts flagged as hard bounce will not be attempted again during the future campaigns. If the failure reason is corrected by editing the contact’s number, flag will automatically turn as blank for such contacts.

Status Affect

How the recently updated response status will affect the processing of message logs/reporting. Select one of the following options

  • Upcoming Campaigns Only- Recently updated message response status will affect the log processing of upcoming campaigns only. Existing campaigns and logs will not be affected with the changes.
  • Both Existing & Upcoming- It will affect the log processing of both existing as well as of the upcoming campaigns with updated response status.



 Image#MS-3.8.2: Updating Message Response 


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