MS-3.9: Notification and Alert (Message Templates)


Admin may need to send notifications and alerts on different occasions via SMS to its existing clients. Here are few of the preset message templates that would automatically initiate saved message to the intended customer.


Navigate to Message Templates

Admin Main Navigation->Data->Notifications & Alerts 


 Table#MS-3.9.1: View Message Templates 


Serial number of the message templates in the table.

Template Name

The template name mostly denotes to the occasion when the message template is set to initiate sending of the message. I.e. Credit Low message template name shows that the message will be sent to specific client whose account is having low credits while he is trying to schedule a new campaign.


Showing the Sender ID using which the system will send the Notification/Alert message to the intended user account.


It shows which message variables are used in the message template. Message variables are used to personalize the message content. You can edit the message content as well as the message variables using “Edit” under actions column.


Swift Actions 

Edit Message Template 

Edit and update the content and message variables of particular message template set to initiate the notification or alert message.



Image#MS-3.9.1: Message Templates 



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