MS-3.10: Email Templates


The page offers a list of templates that the system would use to send notification emails, confirmation and alert email messages. You can see more than a few default templates listed in the table by their subject line. The subject line of every template clearly denotes to the purpose and occasion on which it will be used. For example, Email Confirmation is the template that the system would use while sending a confirmation email to the newly subscribed clients to confirm their email.

In the “Application Settings” under “Tools” you will be able to see a separate section to put forward email sending preferences, like the email and name that will be used, SMTP details, and opening port etc. To learn more about Email Settings, click “Admin Settings”.


Navigate to Email Templates

Admin Main Navigation->Data->Email Templates


Table#MS-3.10.1: View Email Templates 


Following the set pattern of View table, it shows the serial number of records in the table.


Subject line of the template, when you first land on this page you will see the default ones. However, you can edit the subject lines by choosing to edit under actions.


The column shows the custom variables being used within the message body.


Swift Actions 


Edit is the only action that you can perform to edit the content of email message and subject line according to your preference. But make sure, occasions on which system will initiate sending of these messages are preset and are clear from the default set subject lines, your changes will not affect the instance when the message is set be sent out. E.g. Clickatell API Failed is the subject line of the message that will initiate when some error occurs in functioning of Clickatell API.



Image#MS-3.10.1: View Email Templates 



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