MS-4.1: SMS Campaigns Statistics


Admin would need to monitor the campaigns sent from the client accounts, to keep record of few important aspects. The key among these aspects are the Failure and Success rates of campaigns sent by the clients. It helps identifying text message spam through keeping a watch on the percentage of failure messages in particular campaigns sent through specific client accounts. Following area discusses the information that the campaign stats table provides to the admin to help him manage the application with a proactive approach.


Navigate to SMS Campaign Statistics

Admin Main Navigation->Reports->SMS Campaign Statistics 


 Table#MS-4.1.1: Campaign Stats Table 


Serial number is the set pattern that every table across the application follows. It shows the serial number of records in the table.

Client Name

It shows the client name whose account has actually scheduled and sent specific campaign.

Schedule Label

When client accounts schedule email campaigns, label appear as mandatory field to complete the process of scheduling. So here you will find out under which schedule label client has actually scheduled specific campaign from his/her account.

Campaign Name

When a client account creates the message content using Create SMS campaign page, campaign name appears as first mandatory field to fill. So it shows the campaign that was being sent for specific schedule label in the previous column.  


The campaign was scheduled to send to the contacts saved of within the list that appears here. It can be one or multiple lists as per selection of the client.

Scheduled Time

The date and time when specific campaign was scheduled to be sent out.  


Total number of contacts specific campaign was scheduled for.


Out of total scheduled in the previous row, message has successfully been sent to these numbers of contacts.


Number of contacts failed to receive the message.

Advanced Stats

Click to view a closed view of details related to specific campaign’s stats.


Available Filters

Filter by Client Name

This filter offers ability to view statistics of specific client’s campaigns. To apply this filter all you need to do is to select the client name from the dropdown. The dropdown holds all available clients and from here you can select any to populate statistics associated with his/her campaigns.



 Image#MS-4.1.1: Stats Table, Available Filters, Reports..




Summary and Pie-Chart

On the next screen after clicking to advanced icon from the “Actions” column, you will see a summary of the campaign and a pie-chart on the right side of your screen. Summary section offers some general information with regard to the specific campaign that includes information like selected Contact List(s) and Campaign, Scheduled Date & Time, Date & Time when the sending process of the campaign was finished, and other information about the total number of scheduled, processed, sent and failed contacts.

The right side pie-chart populates two sets of statuses as “Sent” percentage of the specific campaign and “Failed” percentage of specific campaign. If client has selected the list(s) that he earlier have validated through contact validation function, the sent side of the pie-chart would likely to dominate the other set that shows “Failed” percentage of the campaign. This happens because the validation holds a sophisticated mechanism to manage the List and Contacts with a goal to maintain high delivery rates and to keep failures as low as insignificant.


 Image#MS-4.1.2: Campaign Summary 


 Image#MS-4.1.3: Chart




Log Table

Next to the Summary tab on Advanced Stats page, log table can be accessed.



Serial number is the set pattern that every table across the application follows. It shows the serial number of records in the table.

Mobile Number

Mobile number of the contact processed during sending of specific campaign.


What response gateway has returned upon attempting to send on this number, e.g. “Message Delivered” the response it will give if the message is delivered in result of the attempt, or “Rejected_prefix-missing” for specific contact that returns with an error.


It gives the status value linked with the response gateway has returned with, if the gateway has returned with successful response, it will give status as “Sent”. With error responses, “Failed” will appear as status value.

Error Reason

In case the message returned a response that falls in “Failed” status, this column will update about the error that occurs while attempting to send to the particular contact.

Sending Time

The Date & Time when the gateway processed sending on specific number.



Image#MS-4.1.3: Message Logs, Detailed Reporting 



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