MS-5.5: View Staff Members


You can view a list of all existing staff members, some important information about every staff member and an ability to perform couple of actions to manage the staff member accounts. Staff members are aimed to perform the administrative actions as per the permission levels of the Staff Role they are assigned to.


Navigate to View Staff Members

Admin Main Navigation->Setup->View Staff Members


 Table#MS-5.5.1: View Staff Member Accounts 


Serial number of staff members in the table


Name of the staff member that was added while creating the staff member account.

Role Name

Every staff member account


Email address that the staff member uses to log into the account and perform administrative tasks.

Time Zone

Time zone that was selected while adding the staff member account.


If some particular staff member account shows its status as “Active” that means the staff member is actively managing the account, has the ability to log into the account and perform all administrative tasks.

Inactive staff members’ status shows that these members can’t access their accounts and perform any of the administrative tasks.


Swift Actions 


Click to edit and update preferences and earlier provided details of particular staff member account.


Click to move specific staff member account to the trash. After the set interval of cron, system will empty trash to permanently delete record from the trash. 


Image#MS-5.5.1: Available Staff Member Accounts 



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