MS-5.7: Available Gateways


The table offers Information about the APIs of the sending gateways that was earlier being setup using “SMS Gateway” setting up API function. Since every sending gateway requires somewhat different information from the user side to authenticate the API request, therefore you may notice some of the “Rows” will remain empty for certain gateways in the “Available Gateways” table, like Username and Password field will remain empty for “Clickatell” and “Infobip”. Let’s discuss “Available APIs” table in detail.


Navigate to Available APIs

Admin Main Navigation->Setup->Gateways->Available Gateways


Table#MS-5.7.1: Available Gateways


Serial number of the records in the table

Company Name

Gateway’s company name in the rows of this column.  


To authenticate the API request, some gateways require submitting the valid API key in the API request, like Infobip. So for Infobip, the row under this column shows the API key.

For Twiliio it shows the account SID under the same column.

Secret Key

Same goes for the secret key column, for Infobip, it shows the secret key of the Infobip account and for the Twilio, it is showing the Auth Token. For Clickatell that requires account’s username and password, fields for API Key and Secret key will remain empty.


Gateways that require account’s Username and Password for sending a valid API request will be having Username information in the respective row of the column. For Infobip and Twilio, the row under “Username” column will remain empty, while for the Clickatell, it will show the Username of Clickatell account that was being provided while setting up Clickatell API.  


Password associated to the Username in row before.


For the Twilio it would need you to provide the account SID to appropriately setup the API.


To authenticate the API request, Twilio requires combination of account SID and valid API token. The rows of SID and Token are showing the Twilio SID and API Token.

Status Shows the current status of the gateways in the table, if it says “Active” it means that the specific gateway is “Active” and can be used for Message Sending. While system will not use the gateways marked as “Inactive”. So if you don’t want to use a specific gateway for sending anymore, edit and mark its status as “Inactive”


Swift Actions


Click to reach the Edit page, where you will be able to edit and update earlier saved API settings and preferences.



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