MS-5.11: All Networks


The page offers a list of all Mobile Network Operators. System by default keeps a list of majority globally operating mobile network that it uses to process the message logs by using the combination of MCC and MNC. However if the admin discovers a new network or find a network operator’s entry missing from the list Add Network, page can be used to add the network and its associated MNC and MCC values.

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Navigate to All Networks

Admin Main Navigation-> Setup->Wireless Networks->All Networks


Table#MS-5.11.1: All Networks 


Serial number of mobile networks that appear in the All Networks table. Every entry has a distinct serial number.

Network Name

The rows of this column show the names of the networks in the table.  


It shows the country where specific network is operating from.

Zone Name

Mumara SMS offers the ability to setup priority zones to automatically prioritize sending to different countries and networks. Priority Zones are separately discussed in the detail that you can reach by clicking the following link.

So the rows of this column are showing which priority zone is holding specific network.


Swift Actions

Edit Network

You can click to Edit and update the earlier saved details of particular network. You may need to update prefixes associated with specific network, ability to edit will help you update the earlier saved values associated with specific network. Upon updating the required values, click the Update button to save the updated preferences.


 Image#MS-5.11.1: List of All Networks 



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