MS-5.10: Wireless Networks (Add Wireless Network)


Message log processing and generating accurate analytical reports is crucial part of sending mechanism. Application processes the message logs and generates analytical reports upon getting responses from the gateway. The application uses certain values from the gateway returned response to process the logs and generate analytical reports. Two of these values are the combination of Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC) that application use from the gateway returned message response to uniquely identify and print the mobile network carrier and the country in the message logs. Default structure of the application already carries a list of most up to date MCC and MNC codes that it uses for message log processing, however in case detecting a new mobile network carrier, admin has been given this ability to add MNC value of that newly recognized network using Add Network feature.


Navigate to Add Network

Admin Main Navigation->Setup->Wireless Networks->Add Mobile Network

Mandatory Fields are marked with an Asterisk


Network Name

A network name is compulsory field and that you need to fill with the name of mobile network operator, i.e. AT&T Wireless Inc, Verizon Wireless etc.

Company Logo

If you have got a logo image of the mobile network operator you are about to add, you can click to Choose the File from the destination and upload. Uploading a logo image however isn’t a compulsory thing for adding a new network with MNC.


System carries a list of all countries with their value of Mobile Country Code (MCC) attached with every entry. To add a new network with its MNC value, you will also need to select the country where the mobile network is operating. Together MNC and MCC will constitute a unique combination that will help identifying the destination network and country while log processing.  


Provide the Mobile Network Code of the new network you are about to add. As mentioned earlier, system already carries majority of global mobile operators and their MNC value. However, if the new network is identified/detected, Add Network can be used to add a new network.

Network Prefixes

If the mobile network operator has assigned dedicated mobile phone codes also known as prefixes, you can mention the prefix value in this box. If the network operator associated multiple prefixes with its numbers, you can write multiple values separated by comma. However not all the mobile network operators keep dedicated mobile phone codes to distinguish the number from landlines and other numbers, such as North American Numbering Plan will assign mobile subscriber with a geographical area code and not a network prefix.  

So if the specific network that you are adding has the prefixes, you can add them here. The combination of country code and prefix value will help the application to recognize the destination network and country even before sending a message and processing the message logs. However, as there is no one classified way of distinguishing the numbers of one network from the other due to the varied number plan, the field isn’t mandatory. 


Image#MS-5.10.1: Network Details 



Saving Network  

Use one of the following options to save network preferences

Save & Exit

Clicking on this option will save the details/preferences, and get you out of the process you were at. Following message will appear on your screen upon saving the contact details successfully.

Record has successfully been saved.

Save & Add Another

This option will save the current details/preference, and will automatically reopen the same page/process with fresh fields/preferences to continue the process with new entry.


Get out of the process without saving details/preferences.


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