MS-5.12: Themes (Client Themes)


MumaraSMS has couple of predesigned themes that the admin can easily select with one click to make it operational on the client side. The theme setting page offers ability to change the colors of your activated theme, to help you match the color combination with your website/ brand page etc.     


Navigate to Client Themes

Admin Main Navigation-> Setup-> Themes->Client Themes


Activate Theme

Drag your cursor to the theme of your choice, click “Active Theme” to make it operational on the client side. Client will see and use the theme that the admin side activated.

Theme Settings

Drag your cursor on the theme currently activated, underneath “Activate Theme” you will find “Theme Settings” that you can click to jump to the theme setting page. It offers, one of the most innovative approaches to change colors of theme elements as well as the fonts, by simply using a color picker. It doesn’t require to write any additional CSS for changing colors anymore, a layman can use the theme settings to make a color combination of his/her choice.  

Click “Save Theme Settings” to save your color preference, or click “Reset” return to the former color settings.


Image#MS-5.12.1: Activating the Theme and Customizing Theme Settings 



Image#MS-5.12.2:Theme Settings



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