MS-5.15: Available Languages


MumaraSMS offers its users an ability to run the application as a multilingual platform, where the administrator of the application can use the language file to translate application (Field Labels, Page Title & Description, Help Notes and Options etc.) in as many languages as he wants. A list of all available language appears on the top right area of the admin as well as client side of the dashboard for the user to use the application by conveniently selecting the preferred language.

How Language File/Translation process works was discussed earlier in “Add Language” article, this page is just offering a list of languages that were added using “Add Language” page.


Navigate to Available Languages

Admin Main Navigation->Setup->Languages->Available Languages      


Table#MS-5.15.1-Available Languages  


Serial number of the records in the table


List of all available languages.  This list doesn’t show that the application has translation of all of these languages, it is just showing the language names that were earlier added using “Add Language” page.

Language Code

It shows the assigned short identifier/classifier for the respective languages in the list.



Swift Actions


Click the button to reach “Edit Language” page to update the language name or short identifier language code. But make sure if you update the Language Code, you will also need to update the folder within “Lang”, otherwise system will remain unable to locate the accurate language file translation.  


Click to “Delete”  the Language entry from the list, it just deletes the Language name and language code entry, but it doesn’t delete the Translation file from the “Lang” folder.


Image#MS-5.15.1-Available Languages


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