MS-5.16: Add Currency


When operating as service provider, you would need currency option for clients to view the packages in. Currency will have an effect on the places like setting up default message price, price to deduct for one credit and other billing options. Therefore, to keep the billing cycle run smoothly, it is important that you have setup system with preferred option of currencies. By default MumaraSMS uses dollar as default currency, but you have the option to add the currency of your choice with the help of following steps.


Navigate to Add Currency

Admin Main Navigation->Setup->Currencies->Add Currency

Mandatory fields are marked with asterisks


Table#MS-5.16.1: Adding Currency Details 





 Text Field

You would need to place in the code of currency you are about to add. Currency codes appear like EUR for the Euro or USD for US Dollars etc. If you aren’t sure of the currency code, you can easily find a currency code list from the internet and can find out the desired country code from the list of standard three letter country code.

Prefix  Text Field It represents globally recognized currency symbol of the specific currency you are adding, e.g. $ for USD or € for Euro etc. A number with global currency symbol indicates monetary value, e.g.  $50 represents 50 United States Dollars. Like the standard currency code list, you may also find a list that carries all global currency symbols.
Suffix Text Field To represent a certain number as monetary value, currency symbols are used as prefixes that you have mentioned in the above field, and currency codes are used as suffixes, e.g. 50 USD denotes 50 united states dollars.
Format Text Field How do you want the numbers to appear for the specific currency? The format denotes the number of decimal places for specific currency.
Basic Conversion Rate Text Field Conversion rate to apply on the basic currency unit. For example, in case of adding Euro as currency, you would need to put forward the value of basic 1 Euro against the default currency’s basic unit 1 USD, i.e. 0.85.
Status Dropdown Select the status of the currency as “Active” or “Inactive”. Currency with Active status can later be used as preferred currency for creating packages.


Saving Currency Preferences.

Use one of the following options to save currency.

Save & Exit

Clicking on this option will save the details/preferences, and get you out of the process you were at. Following message will appear on your screen upon saving the contact details successfully.

Record has successfully been saved.

Save & Add Another

This option will save the current details/preference, and will automatically reopen the same page/process with fresh fields/preferences to continue the process with new entry.


Get out of the process without saving details/preferences.


Image#MS-5.16.1: Adding Currency Details 



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