MS-5.17: View Available Currencies


When you first get MumaraSMS installed on your webserver, application will use the default currency option set in its parental application controls and settings. Dollar is the currency that application uses as default; you however have the option to add more currencies of your choice using “Add Currency” function. The page “View Currencies” show the list of all the currencies added using “Add Currency” function.  The table on view currencies page would offer you valuable information with regard to the currently available currencies in the system with an ability to perform couple of swift actions to manage currencies.


Navigate to View Currencies

Admin Main Navigation->Setup->Currencies->View Currencies


Table#MS-5.17.1: Available Currencies 


Serial number is the set pattern that every table across the application follows. It shows the serial number of records in the table.


Showing the currency codes as added while adding information of specific currency. Currency codes are the globally used three letters standards codes, e.g. USD for united states dollar, AUD for Australian Dollar.


It shows the globally recognized currency symbols with respect to the currencies in the table. E.g. $ will appear for the US dollar, € will appear for Euro etc. Symbol with the number denotes the monetary value of the number.


Shows the value filled in the field for “Suffix” while adding currency.


How the number for specific currency will appear? Represents how many decimal places to appear for the respective currencies in the list.

Basic Conversion Rate

Conversion rate that system is applying to covert the basic unit of specific currency against the default setup currency of the system.


Showing the status of specific currency as “Active” or “Inactive”


Swift Actions


You may need to update the previously provided conversion rate, format or status of the currency from inactive to active or active to inactive, Edit button will take you to the Edit Currency page, where you can edit and update the previously provided values.


Click to delete specific currency from the list of existing currencies. Deleting record will result moving it to the trash, from where you can recover it until the cron runs and empties the trash as well.


Image#MS-5.17.1: Available Currencies 


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