MS-8.3: Destination Zones


This module is one of a kind and offers functionality to dynamically prioritize sending through the available sending gateways for certain geo-specific zones. MumaraSMS offers you the ability to setup the sending environment with the APIs of multiple sending gateways, i.e. Infobip, Clickatell, Twilio etc, and service providers with international sending scope always prefer to setup system with two or more sending gateways. Considering the fact that the system can have multiple sending gateways, MumaraSMS offers this functionality to dynamically prioritize sending through desired gateway for certain countries/networks fall in some Priority Zone.

A priority zone can comprise of one or more destination countries and their networks, with an ability to line-up available sending gateways for priority based sending. To learn more about how you setup a zone, let’s discuss the functionality on Setup Priority Zone page in more detail.


Navigate to Setup Priority Zone

Admin Main Navigation->Addons->Destination Zones->Setup Destination Zone


Zone Details


Zone Name (Text Field)

Zone name is the mandatory text field that you need to fill with a preferred name of the zone you are creating. For example, if you are setting up a zone comprising of Asian Countries, you can name it like Asian Zone or Asian Zone 1 etc. something that would help to keep its reference and to better identify the zone while you are on “Organize Zones” page. Provide preferred name of the zone and proceed.

Status (Dropdown)

Dropdown is offering three simple options, first one is to keep the zone Status as “Active” , second option to mark its status as “Inactive” and the last option is to “Block” certain zone. System will take “Active” zones into consideration while it process sending of the campaign. Application will ignore all the preferences of particular zone marked as “Inactive” and will apply default sending settings for sending messages to the countries in an “Inactive” zone. And system will block sending to the countries fall in “Blocked” zone and will show error message.

Countries (Checkbox Selection)

You may select one, two or multiple countries to establish a geo-specific priority zone. “Select All” on top of the countries list would help you select all the countries for specific zone. To select specific countries from the list, you would need to tick the checkboxes along with the country name.  Number of countries you select will appear in the box at top of country’s list. You can also use the “Search Box” to search specific countries from the country’s list to select for the zone you are setting up.

Prioritize Sending API

After you are done with zone details and country selection for the specific zone, it is now time to prioritize sending among the available Sending Gateway APIs. Let’s say you have setup your system with three sending gateways, 1) Infobip, 2) Clickatell and 3) Twilio, you will see all three lined up here.

Gateway that appears on top among the three is considered a primary gateway to send to countries in this zone, gateway that comes second will be considered secondary priority for sending, and down in the list is the gateway considered tertiary in priority. If primary gateway fails due to some reason, system will automatically apply the zone preferences and will take secondary gateway down in the line, and if somehow both primary and secondary sending APIs fail due to some error/ technical issue, system will automatically shift to the tertiary gateway for sending.

To change and update the current line-up of the gateways, drag and drop function will work. Keep hold of certain gateway with your mouse click, drag it upwards and down in the order to reposition the gateway and so its sending priority according to your sending preferences for certain zone.

Through “Organize Zones” function, you can delve more deep into the structure of prioritized sending to assign a separate gateway to specific network carrier within a country.  Click to learn more about Network Based Priority.


Image#8.3.1:Setting Up Destination Zone



Saving Zone Preferences

Select appropriate option among one of the following.

Save & Exit

Clicking on this option will save the details/preferences, and get you out of the process you were at. Following message will appear on your screen upon saving the contact details successfully.

Record has successfully been saved.

Save & Add Another

This option will save the current details/preference, and will automatically reopen the same page/process with fresh fields/preferences to continue the process with new entry.


Get out of the process without saving details/preferences.

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