Mumara Introduction

Mumara is an advanced level web based Email Marketing/Blasting solution which enables the user to send high speed unlimited emails with custom criteria. Mumara includes everything which is required to a perfect mailer from sending to tracking. It allows you to manage your subscription lists and keep them categorized according to your requirement. It is built using highly optimized techniques which make the performance go unbelievably fast, e.g. it

  • Imports a list of 1 million records in less than a minute

(See video:

  • Processes 100k bounces from MTA log files in lesser than a minute

(See video:

  • Copies/moves 10k segmented data to a new list within 3 seconds

(See video:

  • Deletes a list of 1 million records in 3 seconds

(See video:

And so on. Below you’ll be able to find out some of the cool features Mumara has.


Create and Manage Contact Lists:

Create as many contact lists as you want with unlimited contacts. You can categorize the lists into groups and setup custom variables for any list(s). Mumara allows you edit or delete any list(s).

Create Email Campaigns:

Create unlimited number of email campaigns to be sent. These email campaigns support both HTML and TEXT versions; so the contacts with TEXT format shall receive TEXT version and contacts with HTML format shall receive HTML version (this is also called multipart email sending). You can also choose your desired email template from a wide range of pre-built responsive HTML templates.

Send Multiple Email Campaigns to Multiple Lists:

You can choose multiple email campaigns and send them to multiple contact lists in rotation. Mumara will send random campaigns to random contacts which may result into higher deliverability. You will still be able to see which campaign or which list has generated what results in stats. However you may also send a single email campaign to a single list.



Stay Delegate with auto follow ups:

You can send a series of personalized autoresponders (email messages/campaigns) which shall be sent to your contacts automatically by Mumara on specified time intervals you define. So Mumara itself acts like your sales team with more punctuality and without making holidays.


Spin the words within your email campaign(s) to avoid being spammed:

Spintags allow you to create a wide range of variations/synonyms for a placeholder. A placeholder can embed into your email campaign(s) which will be converted as one of the random synonym for every email being sent out. This way you can have thousands of unique email messages for an email campaign with a few spintags which help you to stay safe from spam tracking agencies to a significant extent.

Let Mumara manage your lists for best conversions:

Triggers help you keep your contact lists sorted. It converts the leads to opportunities by sending them your created offers upon the specified actions made. For example; if a person opens your email or clicks a link within the email campaign, Mumara moves the lead to a new defined contact list and send it your pre-defined email messages (autoresponders) to mature the conversion/sale.

Get best stats by allowing Mumara to choose the winner campaign:

Split-test handles your email sending for the best results. All you need to do is just create a split test on a contact list for multiple email campaigns and mumara will send each email campaign to a part of the contact list (e.g 10% or any custom defined) before it chooses the winner campaign upon best results and relay the winner campaign to the rest of contacts for that list. Same way you can create a split test for contact lists on a specified email campaign.

Stay hygiene by filtering spam complaints and abusers:

Feedback Loops process spam complaints against Major ISPs and keep your contact lists cleaned by deactivating such contacts which produce spam complaints. These complaints are normally generated when a receiver hits “mark as spam” or “report abuse” button upon receiving your email. So once your system takes care of the complainer, the reputation stays at maximum.

Mask your main domain with multiple remote domains:

It’s sometime important to hide the main domain which is hosting Mumara. So it enables you to handshake your multiple local/remote domains with the main domain so it doesn’t show in email headers and body content. These domains are also called masking domain and shall mask the sender information and tracking links. This feature can be used for white labeling and also to avoid the main domain being blacklisted. Choosing multiple masking domains for a single campaign will rotate the masking domains randomly with correct sender-ID for valid authentications. It could be the best option for bulk mailers who send millions of emails and need to stay under policy threshold across ISPs.

Use multiple MTA/SMTP for better emailing practice:

Setting up more than one MTA/SMTP means you can send via multiple locations at the same time. Multi-MTA enhances the sending speed to a significant level as well as Mumara enables you to map different sender-IDs and Masking domains with different MTAs for better inboxing. Moreover you can categorize the MTAs into groups for easiness.

Be informed when the reputation gets down:

Wouldn’t you love it that Mumara will let you know when the overall reputation starts to get low so you can take appropriate actions in the meantime before it stops inboxing. We have integrated more than hundred (100) well-known blacklisting APIs like SPAMHAUS, BARRACUDA, LASHBACK, SPAMCOP, UCEPROTECTL, TRUNCATE etc and you get to know when your IP address is listed anywhere with them.

Create user groups and user accounts:

You can create unlimited user groups/roles and assign unlimited user accounts to them. These groups can act as custom packages and user accounts can be your clients or staff members. The accounts can be used to handle your operations or they can be fresh accounts which you can sell. You can limit them with number of emails, contacts, contact lists, speed and so on. You have the option to choose from the list of module permissions for every group.

Track real-time advanced statistics along with Geo Location:

Track the email campaigns in real time which are being opened, clicked, bounced or spammed by your subscribers. Advanced Statistics feature stamps the ip, location, city, zip and country of the contacts which open your email(s). So this tool is the best way to sort your contacts according to countries and locations. However you have the option to turn it off/on in application settings.


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