The module enhances the ability of the application to execute several parts of an email campaign, simultaneously. The parts of the email that runs simultaneously are called threads in the process. Multi-threading module of MUMARA is too impeccably programmed that it does let the threads to interfere with one another, no matter how many threads it runs at one instance.


Reach “Multi-Threading” under “Settings” in the left side navigational menu. The following window will appear on your screen. The two fields appear on your screen are discussed, followed by the image below.



Figure#7.3.1: Multi-Threading Settings 





The first field offers numbers in the dropdown. Select the number of treads you want to use while sending of an email campaign is in process. Select as many threads as you want to use during the sending of email campaign, and move forward.


Batch Size


There are actually two categories of batch sizes from which you can select your desired one. Both the categories are discussed as follows. Let MUMARA Decide- Selection of this option means that MUMARA will decide on the number of batch size it will use for each thread during the sending of the email campaign. The batch size will automatically be determined after dividing the total number of emails to be sent in one campaign, on the number of threads you have selected. The following example well elaborates the process.


For example, you have scheduled a campaign for a list consisting of 100,000 records, the selected numbers of threads are 5 and the batch size option is set to the first option “Let MUMARA Decide”. In this case application will automatically divide the total number of emails to be sent (100,000) on the number of threads you have (5). It means, the batch size for the campaign would be 20000. 5 threads will run simultaneously and each thread will be completing its course of sending 20000 emails. First thread will be sending emails from 1 to 20000, while the second thread will start from 20001 to 40000, and the process continues for the third, fourth and fifth thread also.


Note- We recommend relying on “Let MUMARA Decided” option if you are sending to a list consisting of large number of subscribers.


Selecting Batch Size


Other than the first option “Let MUMARA Decide”, you are offered with the ability to select your desired batch size from the dropdown, the batch size starts from 100 and ends with 10000 in the dropdown. Select the desired batch size and proceed.


Note- We recommend relying on “Let MUMARA Decided” option if you are sending to a list consisting of large number of subscribers.


Once you complete your preferred setting for multi-threading, click submit to save your preferred settings for multi-threading. However, you will also be able to select the number of threads during the scheduling of email campaign. But still the default multi-thread settings will be managed from “Multi-Treading” under settings in the left navigation.


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